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Bradley Hand Wash Fountains

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Multi-Station Wash Fountains
Multi-Station Wash Fountains

Terrazzo-Corner-Fount-Wash-FountainHandwash fountain technology offer many advantages over traditional sinks.  Sinks, to begin with take up too much space.  A lavatory can only service one person comfortably at a time, so accommodating multiple employees means adding multiple sinks.  However, a fountain designed to accommodate multiple users limits the actual number of fixtures you need to install and thus make much more efficient use of floor and wall space.


Lavatories also notoriously waste water.  People forget to turn off the faucet, and companies pay the bill.  Hand washing units are different.  Various flow controls are built into their design to ensure that only enough water is spent to wash the hands, not the floor, and not your money down the drain.


Many different models are available that feature various material builds, sizes, numbers of founts, and modes of operations.


Foot Control Hand washing Stations

The foot control mechanism is very convenient to operate.  Some models include an emergency eye wash spout for people who get something toxic or potentially threatening in their eyes. 


Infrared Control Hand Wash Fountains

The IR control uses state-of-the-art technology to sense the proximity of the human hand and activate the water flow at that point.  This minimizes water waste.  .


Terrazzo Wash Fountains

Terrazzo® Semi-Circular Wash FountainTerrazzo is a high grade material with a mosaic looking surface that consists of 85 percent stone and 15 percent of a special reinforcing binder material.  The terrazzo bowl is cast around steel reinforcing rods that give it its shape and strengthen its constitution. 


Bradstone Hand Wash Fountains

Bradstone® Circular Multi-Station Wash FountainsBradstone is a light weight plastic reinforced with polyester resins and inorganic fillers.  It is fade resistant, attractive, and durable.  Bradstone is one of the newer materials on the market and rapidly gaining popularity with organizations.


Corner Founts

Corner Founts are beautiful.  They are intended to save space with their corner locations. Organizations that use them range from commercial to industrial to recreational facilities, including schools and even rest areas along the highway.   


Bradley Classic Hand Wash Fountains

Bradley Classic fountains have been around for 80 years and continue to improve with new bowl designs and new features that save money, electricity, and repair costs.   


Juvenile Wash Fountains

These are great for any organization that hosts activities for children. 


Terreon Wash Fountain

Terreon® Semi-Circular Wash FountainTerreon is a durable form of polyester resin. Quadra-Fountain modules are ideal for green projects and renovations because they can service up to 4 persons at a time, saving space and water in the process.


Stainless Steel Wash Fountains

Stainless Steel Circular Multi-Station Wash FountainsThese stations resist rust, stains, mold, mildew and burns.  They are ideal for sterile environments.  

Multiple styles and mounting options allow you to pick and choose what will work best in.  The sentry style is ideal for light hand washing needs. 


Semi-Circular Wash Fountains

This style is great for places like kitchens that have heavy duty hand washing needs and only a limited amount of space. 


Bradley Tri-Fount Hand Wash Fountains

The newest style uses less water, electricity, and space and has three conventional faucets that operate either by push button or an IR sensor.  Water control is managed by a flow sensor that keeps flow rate at 0.5 GPM per station.



XPB Lockers carries a wide variety of steel metal lockers, plastic lockers, USPS mailboxes, and commercial bathroom partitions installed nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Houston, Texas, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Albuquerque NM, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA , Madison WI., Corpus Christi, TX, Plano, Texas, Garland, TX, Laredo, Texas, Lubbock, TX

Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Free Standing Circular Hand Washing Fountains
These birdbath style hand wash fountains have been around since the early 1920's. Designed for use in Factories, Machine Shops, Mechanic Shops, Rail Road, Mines, Military, Industrial Plants and Manufacturing to serve several workers at one time to wash the oil, grime and dirt from their hands.
Published: Tuesday 05 November, 2013
Bradley Wash Fountain Designs
Bradley wash fountain designs have earned a reputation for water conservation, superior performance, and multi-user functionality. In a wide range of applications in many different types of commercial environments, they have proven themselves to be not only viable alternatives to laboratories, but ...
Published: Friday 16 November, 2012
Industrial Washfountains for Manufacturing Shop Areas
Shop areas expose individuals to a variety of contaminants. Industrial byproducts, chemicals, oil, and dust can easily find their way up to the elbow in only a short matter of time. Traditional lavatories provide insufficient cleaning areas to remove these substances. For this reasons, most facto...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2012
Commercial Hand Wash Fountain with Foot Control
Handwashing fountains can be configured with a variety of controls. The two most popular types of control are infrared activation and foot control activation. At face value, most people would instantly assume that the more advanced technology of infrared, which is renowned for water conservation, ...
Published: Tuesday 28 August, 2012
Semi-Circular Wash Stations for Commercial Bathrooms
XPB Locker Supply offers several lines of semi-circular wash stations that service anywhere from 3 to 5 users. Different models are designed to accommodate light, medium, and heavy-duty hand washing needs that range from the academic world to the industrial and manufacturing world. These hand wash...
Published: Wednesday 13 June, 2012
Industrial Hand Wash Fountains for Restrooms
XPB Locker Supply has industrial hand wash fountains for restrooms in every facility type. Our clients include academia, the US military, corporate office buildings, municipal public buildings, public restrooms in a variety of retail facilities, service industries, manufacturing facilities, and war...
Published: Monday 11 June, 2012
Stainless Steel Hand Washing Station
A stainless steel hand washing station offers many benefits over that of a standard sink. Come see our huge selection of Industrial washfountains , Lavatories and Sinks.
Published: Thursday 22 December, 2011
Wash Fountains for Factory Restroom Design
Wash fountains are becoming more common in factory restroom design. This is not just because of the new push for green technology and LEED certification. This is because of the very real need to drive overhead costs down across the board. Lower installation costs, lower operating costs, and super...
Published: Tuesday 07 June, 2011
Wash Basins
Wash basins offer clear benefits over individual lavatories. Depending on size and configuration, one washfountain is equivalent to 2 to 8 lavatories. The obvious front-end benefit to this is a lower cost of installation, because only a single fixture or two has to be installed as opposed to multi...
Published: Sunday 15 May, 2011
Handwash Fountains
Handwash fountains allow many users to wash their hands at once. They are far more efficient and cost-beneficial than traditional lavatories, and they come in a variety of configurations.
Published: Monday 09 August, 2010
Hand Wash Fountain Technology
Hand washing technology has been around for ages. Everyone wants to stay germ free and not get any kind of infections. Wash fountains will do the job for keeping hands sanitized.
Published: Monday 02 August, 2010
Foot Control Wash Fountains
Foot Control Wash Fountains are available in a variety of models for a variety of purposes. Some models are designed for emergencies when the user needs an immediate flushing of the eyes and face. Other models are designed to be foot controlled because hand control is not desired for one reason or ...
Published: Monday 03 May, 2010
Infrared Control Wash Fountains
Infrared Control Wash Fountains are now the standard in restroom design. Their reliability and water savings are well documented and there are numerous designs available to fit virtually every wash bowl on the market. There are a few applications that require manual water flow activation such as em...
Published: Friday 23 April, 2010
Terrazzo Wash Fountains
Terrazzo Wash Fountains are so named because they use a precast bowl assemble made from a material called Terrazzo. Terrazzo has a mosaic looking surface and is comprised of 85% stone and 15% binder. Steel reinforcing rods are placed in the bowl during the casting process to give the bowl additiona...
Published: Friday 16 April, 2010
Bradstone Wash Fountains
Bradstone Wash Fountains are recent introductions into the market of washfountains for high-traffic areas. The name is derived from the material used to construct the bowl, which is a light weight plastic that has been strengthened with reinforced polyester resins, inorganic fillers, and fade resist...
Published: Wednesday 14 April, 2010
Corner Founts
Corner Founts are very popular and elegant wash fountains and are specifically designed to save space with their corner locations. The user groups for this design include institutional, industrial, commercial, and recreational customers. The applications include schools, highway rest areas, recreat...
Published: Monday 29 March, 2010
Bradley Classic Wash Fountains
Bradley Classic Wash Fountains combine eighty years of time-tested designs with new bowl materials and high-tech features that save money on water, energy, and maintenance. These washfountains are market leaders because of their superior performance and visual elegance.
Published: Wednesday 10 March, 2010
Juvenile Wash Fountains
Juvenile Wash Fountains are often slightly smaller versions of proven and popular wash fountains for adults. Obviously, they have a lower height and some multi-bowl wash fountains have dual bowls with different heights. And since children have shorter arms the bowls may have smaller diameters. But ...
Published: Monday 01 March, 2010
Terreon Wash Fountain
Terreon Wash Fountains get their name from the unique material used to construct the bowls of the wash fountains. Terreon is a durable material made from polyester resin. TerreonRE is a similar material but it is composed of a bio-based resin and preconsumer recycled granules. Both surface materials...
Published: Wednesday 24 February, 2010
Terreon Quadra- Fount Washfountain
Our Terreon Quadra-Fount Washfountain offers the latest in modern features, efficiencies and cost savings. It is an excellent solution for “green” construction or renovation projects. It serves one to four users at a time and is highly vandal resistant. It saves space, water and energy because...
Published: Thursday 02 July, 2009
Sentry Wash Fountains
Our Sentry Washfountains have been specifically designed for use in facilities that have light to moderate hand washing needs. These wash fountains are constructed of durable stainless steel which is virtually impervious to rust, stains, mold, mildew and burns. The Sentry Wash Fountain has many ap...
Published: Friday 19 June, 2009
Sentry Hand Wash Fountains
“Wash your hands !!” We have all heard that command since childhood and it is one of the most important things we can do to prevent the spread of infections. Our Sentry Washfountains have been specifically designed for use in facilities that have light to moderate hand washing needs. T...
Published: Tuesday 02 June, 2009
Juvenile Hand Wash Fountains
High-traffic student / children washrooms have a less than sterling reputation because many are in a state of disrepair. Parents are concerned about the cleanliness of the bathrooms and the items that are touched by children - faucets, doorknobs and toilet flush handles. The parents know this is a...
Published: Monday 27 April, 2009
Semi-Circular Wash Fountains
Semi-circular wash fountains are perfect for locations that require heavy duty hand washing. Laboratories and kitchens are just a couple of places that may need to have an area designated for washing hands without taking up the amount of space conventional sinks and faucets generally call for. There...
Published: Wednesday 17 December, 2008
Stainless Steel Wash Fountains
Stainless steel wash fountains come with many benefits. Laboratories, kitchens, or restrooms that want a modern or green choice will find that shallow bowl wash fountains are a wonderful product to choose. The different styles and mounting options allow you to pick and choose what will work best in ...
Published: Monday 15 December, 2008
Circular Wash Fountains
Circular wash fountains are constructed for heavy duty hand washing. Different styles allow you to choose what works best for your needs. You will find numerous sizes so you’re able to accommodate the amount of people or the space you have for the fountain. With our collection of circular wash fou...
Published: Wednesday 19 November, 2008
Wash Fountains
Wash fountains are made to accommodate more people than traditional sinks without taking up space that many facilities don’t have the room for. Hospitals, movie theaters, restaurants, malls, including school laboratories and workshops can all benefit from having a multi-station wash fountain. Ther...
Published: Monday 27 October, 2008
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