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Commercial Mailboxes

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Commercial-Mailboxes  Commercial Mailboxes

Cluster Mail Box Units – Front Loading


Commercial and residential mailboxes come in many different sizes and styles in order to provide a secure and efficient mailbox that coordinates with any landscape. Depending on your outside landscape, you will have to choose between curbside mailboxes and those that are designed to be surface mounted. Aluminum mailboxes are very popular as they can be turned into various colors and designs. Decorative mailboxes16 Door Cluster Mail Box Unit are offered in different varieties and can accommodate rural and townhouse mailboxes. Aluminum and brass mailboxes are top choices for commercial mailbox units. Brass mailboxes have the option of easily displaying a nametag for quick identification. Commercial and residential mailboxes will come in numerous sizes so you can pick and choose which will accommodate your specific needs.



Column-MailboxResidential mailboxes feature an assortment of designs in order for homeowners to carry a theme throughout their yard. You can easily browse through the selection of home mailboxes to find what will work well with your own personal style. Antique mailboxes are handcrafted to give it the custom look you desire. Horizontal and vertical styles are available for both standard and decorative antique mailboxes.



Stainless steel mailboxes give you a satin finish in horizontal and vertical varieties. Decorative stainless steel mailboxes include the option of having a privacy plate so mail cannot be seen from the outside. These surface mounted mailboxes can be used for U.S.P.S. residential mail delivery. Locking residential mailboxes allow homeowners to rest at east about their mail security. Many styles feature a locking option, including column mailboxes, standard mailboxes, and modern mailboxes.



Of course, outdoor mailboxes need to be able to withstand the weather. A heavy duty mailbox can Antiquebe mounted on a standard, classic, decorative, or deluxe mailbox post. Metal mailboxes are given a finish that prevents them from rusting, which provides you with a durable product. Brick mailboxes, or column mailboxes, in which are meant to be recess mounted into walls, masonry, or columns are presented in an antique brass or cast aluminum style. This provides homeowners with a fashionable mailbox that perfectly matches the stone or brick of your house.



Aluminum-MailboxesVariations of Use

Commercial mailboxes, such as pedestal mailboxes and cluster box units are also available with their own characteristics. While all pedestal drop boxes have the same height and depth, they can be custom ordered with larger slots, multiple compartments, or other requirements you specify. Commercial aluminum mailboxes are perfect for colleges, private postal centers, government agencies, and many other places. Americana mailboxes have zinc die-cast doors with a lock that are great for police stations, military bases, and corporate mailrooms.


We have your Mailbox!Victorian-Surface-Mount-Mailbox

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary mailbox, Victorian mailbox, bronze mailbox, or plastic mailbox, you’re sure to find the right size to suit your needs. Large residential mailboxes are perfect for those that need more space than what the average curbside mailboxes offer. U.S.P.S. approved mailboxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure that everyone has a way to conveniently have mail delivered to them. Many types of residential mailboxes have a matching newspaper holder that will attach to the post or spreader. A newspaper holder is a very handy accessory to have for those that are tired of waking up on a rainy morning with an unreadable newspaper.



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XPB Lockers carries a wide variety of Commercial Outdoor Furnishings, Commercial Lavatories & Bathroom Equipment, Commercial Signage, Bleachers, andLockers installed nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Memphis, Tennessee, Charlotte, N.C, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Massachusetts, Denver, Colorado, Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky. Baltimore, Maryland, Houston, TX, Irving, Texas, Amarillo, TX, Brownsville, Texas, Grand Prairie, TX, Pasadena, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas., El Paso, Texas.

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For housing developments, apartments, small and large neighborhoods, and anywhere that USPS mail is delivered to a central location for several residents, security is the most important consideration. No one wants to install mailboxes that are unattractive, but that pales in comparison to keeping ma...
Published: Friday 09 January, 2015
Locking Drop Box with Pedestal
There are times, with any store, military base, government office, school or business, that you requires a high volume of packages that need to be mailed out or have a client that needs to drop off documents, payments or miscellaneous items and vice versa in a secure, locking manner without having...
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Mailbox Designs for Different Building Types
Different building types require specific types of mailbox design to meet their correspondence requirements. USPS delivered mail requires mail centers that meet federal regulatory codes that set standards for mail and parcel delivery. Interoffice or interdepartmental mail can be transferred throug...
Published: Wednesday 05 December, 2012
Mailboxes for High Rises and Mid Rises
Mailboxes for high rises and mid rises must be USPS approved and should be located on the first floor of the building. They are manufactured from aluminum and are either horizontal or vertical by design. Horizontal mailboxes can be either front loading or rear loading. Rotary mail boxes reside wi...
Published: Wednesday 14 November, 2012
Large Multi Compartment Mailboxes
Large multi compartment mailboxes are mailbox clusters that are mounted on a pedestal. This accounts for their popular nickname “pedestal mailboxes.” Cluster mail boxes are made from heavy duty aluminum rendered corrosion resistant with a powder coat finish. Each pedestal cluster contains mul...
Published: Friday 15 June, 2012
Secure Locking Community Mailboxes
Getting reliable mail service depends on several factors. Mail boxes must be secure in order to prevent mail theft and vandalism. We offer a large selection commercial mailboxes at factory direct prices.
Published: Wednesday 25 April, 2012
Horizontal Mailboxes
Horizontal mailboxes offer the most convenient way of servicing large numbers of tenants. They are used in commercial mailbox centers, apartment complexes, condominiums, office buildings, and government post offices. They can be arranged in a variety of configurations that actually increase the pr...
Published: Wednesday 10 August, 2011
Pedestal Mailboxes with Parcel Lockers are Ideal for Centralized
Pedestal mailboxes for private centralized mail delivery offer one of the most efficient means of mail delivery and pickup. They have proven invaluable to college dormitories, military bases, small residential communities, and small office parks.
Published: Sunday 10 July, 2011
Postal Box
XPB Lockers & Supply carries a wide variety of Commercial Lavatories, Commercial Outdoor Furnishings, Storage Lockers, Bleachers, Commercial Mailboxes and deliver nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will find it for you. Our home office...
Published: Tuesday 28 December, 2010
Mail Slots
A mail slot is a special horizontal or vertical slot that is placed in a door or a wall for the purpose of mail delivery. They are used mostly in the city, where buildings are too close together for curbside mailboxes to service them all. Not only are they used in homes, but they are also used in...
Published: Friday 17 December, 2010
Courier Boxes
Courier boxes are not mail boxes. They are something far more practical, and something that is desperately needed by multiple building facilities. Units allow for quick and convenient transport of paperwork and small nonperishable items. Occupants can transfer these essentials from building wheth...
Published: Wednesday 15 December, 2010
CBU Mailboxes
CBU mailboxes add value to both commercial and residential communities. Architects plan entire communities using these cluster mail boxes as central points of mail delivery and mail collection.
Published: Wednesday 13 October, 2010
Vertical Front Loading USPS Mailboxes
Premium vertical mailbox solutions can leave you wondering where to turn. Our vertical mailboxes conform to the very strictest USPS standards and offer scalable solutions that will grow with your needs, both now and in the future.
Published: Sunday 01 August, 2010
Surface Mount and Recessed Mount Letter Boxes
Surface Mount & Recessed Mount Letter Boxes are the perfect mailbox solution for smaller apartment complexes, small office buildings, condominiums, and any low density multiple tenant building. For medium size apartments or office buildings, a group of these letter boxes can be arranged side-by-side...
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2010
Vertical Mailboxes
Vertical Mailboxes are made of 100% durable, heavy gauge extruded aluminum and protected from corrosion and oxidation by a powder coating. The powder coating is offered in five attractive colors that include aluminum, brass, bronze, sandstone, and green. The building owner has several mounting opti...
Published: Thursday 25 February, 2010
16 Door Cluster Mailbox
The 16 Door Cluster Mailbox is an excellent selection for mini-malls, office buildings, townhomes, apartments, and other residential locations that wish to offer an attractive and secure mail delivery system. It is designed for sixteen separate users and has an outgoing mail slot with a weather pr...
Published: Friday 20 November, 2009
13 Door Cluster Mailbox
A 13 Door Cluster Mailbox is the perfect solution for architects, builders, and developers who prefer an elegant mail center to a standard USPS collection mailbox unit. These cluster mailboxes will add location attractiveness and curb appeal to any commercial, multi-family, or residential developmen...
Published: Monday 02 November, 2009
12 Door Cluster Mailbox
A 12 Door Cluster Mailbox is frequently requested by builders, architects, remodelers and residential managers because of its utility and elegance. These mailboxes, also known as “Cluster Box Units” or CBU,” offer the advantages of attractiveness, location flexibility, and long term durabilit...
Published: Friday 23 October, 2009
8 Door Cluster Mailbox
The 8 Door Cluster Mailbox is a US Postal Service approved commercial mailbox for use with office buildings, mini-malls, townhomes, apartments, and other residential locations. This mailbox provides a central and secure location for receiving and sending mail. These mailboxes are very popular with...
Published: Friday 16 October, 2009
Pedestal Drop Boxes
Pedestal Drop Boxes are widely used by small businesses, organizations, and homeowners who desire a privately accessible drop box near their location or home. These boxes are for commercial and private access only and are NOT approved for US Postal Service mail delivery. Our product line, along wit...
Published: Wednesday 14 October, 2009
Mail Package Drops
Our Mail Package Drops / Mail Package Drop Receptacles are a safe and secure solution for those who demand protection for their mail and packages. All of our receptacles are approved for use by the United States Post Office for curbside delivery and are in wide use by homeowners and small businesses...
Published: Friday 02 October, 2009
Aluminum 4C Mailboxes - Front and Rear Loading
Our Aluminum 4C Mailboxes are United States Postal Service (USPS) approved and have been designed to facilitate today’s consumer mailing habits as well as provide increased security.
Published: Tuesday 23 June, 2009
Brass Cluster Mailboxes
Are you ready for modern and attractive Brass Mailboxes? Since your commercial mailboxes create an impression of your business and services, shouldn’t you make the best impression possible? The mailboxes of today have changed considerably and transcend the original purpose of collecting mail.
Published: Thursday 05 March, 2009
Commercial Mailbox Applications
Commercial mailbox applications can give you an even higher level of security when it comes to delivering or sending mail. They can provide an extra level of organization when it comes to storing keys, as well as a much needed parcel drop box for larger packages. The various mailbox applications, su...
Published: Monday 05 January, 2009
Brass Mailboxes
Brass mailboxes and brass mail slots have a unique character that is different than your other commercial or residential mailbox options. There are various design choices so you can select which brass mailbox best suits your home or office. No matter which you choose it will easily standout for thos...
Published: Saturday 13 December, 2008
Vertical Front Loading USPS Locking Mailboxes
Vertical front loading USPS locking boxes are perfect for various locations, including apartment complexes and outside businesses. There are multiple sizes to choose from depending on how many people you need to accommodate with a front loading locking box. They are made to withstand harsh weather c...
Published: Monday 01 December, 2008
Parcel Mailboxes
Parcel mailboxes provide owners with a safe and secure area for their delivered packages. Today, many commercial mailboxes include a parcel locker in case residents receive a parcel that is too large for their regular box. This also gives the post office a way to deliver a larger package without hav...
Published: Sunday 17 August, 2008
Cluster Mailboxes
Cluster mailboxes can be used for various commercial and residential options. USPS cluster mailboxes allow residents of apartments or large office buildings to have mail delivered using the United States Postal Service. Cluster mailboxes are available in different sizes in order to accommodate thos...
Published: Monday 16 June, 2008
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