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Two Tier Extra Wide Vented Metal Locker

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Two Tier Extra Wide Vented Metal Locker


Two Tier Extra Wide Vented Metal LockerEveryone could use a safe place to store their valuables. Choosing the right locker depending on the environment and the user needs is necessary and vital to for a number of reasons. Vented metal lockers are ideal in any locker room, gym or work environment where the clothing, bag or equipment requires a vented area to air out and a more durable locker due to different type’s of equipment. The vented metal two tier lockers offer a rugged and durable style which sets these lockers apart from the conventional solid metal lockers. These lockers offer options for built in locks or the standard hasp is equipped for most combination or keyed hanging locks to secure valuables. There are several places where extra wide double tiered metal lockers work well.


Heavy duty metal lockers that are double tiered are essential for grade school athletic departments all the way to major league sports. Without a doubt these lockers are an essential asset to any locker room. These vented metal sports lockers are made from 16 gauge steel and are known for their durability and ruggedness. Locker rooms, shower rooms, and gyms are a few of the many areas you will find these lockers. As a standard option you may choose between a tan and gray or customize these lockers from a pallet of 21 different colors. These double tiered vented lockers can come fully assembled or unassembled at your desire.


Some of us possibly remember having to share a locker with a teammate or having to put all of our athletic equipment into one large locked bin due to the lack of lockers in the dressing room. Today, every student/athlete should be able to store their personal items in their own lockable compartment! Better yet, these lockers are vented which allows athletic equipment or other stored items to be “aired out.”


These durable double tier vented lockers can be found  in many types of athletic facilities but they can also be used in other recreational establishments as well. These heavy duty vented lockers also work well at  roller skating rinks, ice rinks, fire stations, material handling facilities, manufacturing plants and  all places where a heavy duty locker might be required. In many incidences a heavy duty locker offers a solution from hauling equipment around from place to place and the  Vented 2 tiered with the extra wide option locker offers people an acceptable temporary or permanent place to store their things.


Vented double tiered lockers are great because they keep you from storing equipment in your home or car.  If locker rentals are offered for long periods of time then storing your things in it will save your home and car from becoming disorganized. Take a look in a person who exercises regularly or is part of a city sports league and you will find that their equipment normally stays in their car. The car eventually develops a stench. At least vented double tier lockers offer maximum airflow for ventilation and a place to lock up your equipment until you return to it at the next practice or game and let's not forget the fact that most cars get broken into due to the fact that valuables were left in sight. Wouldn’t a better solution be to have the storage that the vented metal lockers offer  than leaving equipment in your  in your car?


Personally, I've noticed that universities, dormitories, prisons/jails are in need of  lockers for a number of different storage needs. The durability of the two tier vented metal locker makes for many people to use it again and again. Most importantly, this heavy duty locker is 25% wider than the standard locker that is normally offered which allows more room for your personable items. Other facilities such as company warehouses or factories that have to accommodate many employees at a time will find this locker a necessity.


Smaller lockers that are half the size are basically used to store textbooks, school supplies, and can fit the occasional sweater or winter jacket. These are the lockers that you will find in most public schools. These double tiered extra wide lockers are a necessity for any school or athletic department. They’re easy to use and have measurements of 6ft high, 15” wide, and come in depths of 15 or 18 inches. They are also capable of locking with a combination lock, key lock, or pad locks. These 2 tiered lockers can come assembled or unassembled at your desire. The necessity of space is given with this vented metal locker yet they’re small enough to assemble many lockers at one time against a wall. In fact, these lockers can be ordered in one column through three columns of lockers-unassembled or assembled which makes for easy installation in any size room. 


Vented metal lockers that are extra wide and double tiered can be used in any gym/sporting facility, school, jail/prison, or warehouse/factories. These heavy duty lockers provide the space needed to accommodate anyone-especially since they’re extra wide. Don't forget that these lockers have various ways to lock. Make sure that you verify what type of locking mechanism you desire.


XPB Lockers carries a wide variety commercial industrial sinks, commercial mailboxes, commercial outdoor furniture, bleachers, and commercial signage delivered nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including New Orleans, La., Cleveland, Ohio, Kansas City, Mo., Mesa, Arizona, Virginia Beach, Va., Omaha, Nebraska, Oakland, California, Miami, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Houston, TX, Arlington, Texas, Beaumont, Texas, Denton, TX, McKinney, Texas, Midland, TX, Killeen, Texas, ALBQ, NYC, LA, MPLS.

This article was published on Monday 09 November, 2009.

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