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Storage Lockers for Water Park Design

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Plastic Box LockersPlastic storage lockers are far more suitable for water park design than metal lockers.  Metal has many drawbacks including vulnerability to rough usage, vandalism, and deterioration from rust.  Particularly in coastal areas, metal is not a suitable for a long-term investment. Plastic lockers are far more durable and attractive.  They come in a wide range of storage options and sizes.  Units can also be customized to match the increasing demand for attraction factor in hotel resorts and indoor destination parks.


Anyone experienced in outdoor water park design knows that space is often a precious commodity in the changing room.  Some facilities do not even have separate changing rooms but instead set aside a portion of the restroom as a dressing room.  Storage lockers that come in a variety of sizes make the designer’s job much easier because they can be ordered preassembled to match existing interior architectural spaces. 


Locker sizes for single-tier units are 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches in height.  Double-tier units are available in 60 inch and 72 inch heights.  Units offer coat hooks that allow coats and dresses to be hung neatly.  Single tier units also have special shelves for personal items, socks, underwear, and shoes. 


Storage lockers in the Z configuration also offer superb wrinkle free clothing storage.  This is of particular advantage in indoor water park design.  Many indoor parks are a special area within a five-star hotel resort.  Guests here may be wearing very nice clothes and decide on the spur of the moment to visit the water park.  Having a place to store their best without ruining its appearance is an added amenity that they are sure to appreciate. 


Another major consideration in water park design is corrosion resistance.  Metal simply does not have this resistance.  In both fresh air and salt air environments, it will eventually give way to rust.  Seeing as how both indoor parks and outdoor parks are very humid environments, metal lockers will inevitably suffer wear and eventually require costly replacement.  For those parks located near the sea, the replacement will be needed sooner rather than later. 


The innate corrosion resistance of plastic storage lockers will eventually pay for the costs of the units.  Plastic is nonporous and will never absorb moisture.  Not only does this make locker units impervious to rust, but it also buffers them against mold and mildew spores that are common in many hot, humid parts of the country.  


Theme parks also attract a lot of children who get increasingly excited the closer they get to the water.  Plastic is much more capable of taking the abuse of slamming doors and horseplay than is metal.  Metal is hard, to be sure, but it also dents.  Maintenance crews have to repair dents in metal, and this accrues an hourly cost for the park.  Plastic storage lockers do not dent, nor do they scratch easily.  This also makes them very vandal resistant to those who become deliberately mischievous. 


Plastic lockers offer the added benefits of never having to be repainted.  The plastic they are made from is colored at the factory.  The color runs throughout the entirety of the plastic mold, not just over the surface. 


All storage lockers are ADA compliant and super secure.  Units can be ordered with built-in key locks, padlocks, or built-in combination locks to protect valuables.  They can also be customized to match the interior architecture of any outdoor or indoor water park design.  Options include slope tops, flat tops, end panels, wall hooks, and logos.  Coat rods, mesh doors for ventilation, wall hooks, and drain holes to keep the units super dry are additional options available upon designer request.

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This article was published on Saturday 16 April, 2011.

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