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Outdoor Backless Benches

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Diamond-Metal-Bench-BacklessOutdoor backless benches are used for seating in many different places.  They are used in athletics as sideline seating.  They are also used for basic outdoor seating in areas around shopping malls, city parks, educational institutes, business parks, and transportation centers. 


All of these remarkable benches consist of a rugged construction that feature a perforated metal seat welded to a sturdy metal frame with legs.  Instead of support arms, the ends of many benches have elevated curved handles for basic hand rests.   The seat surface features 11 gauge steel perforated at in inch intervals by one-half inch holes. 


Perforated-Metal-Bench-Backless Outdoor Backless Benches are manufactured with pre-drilled mounting holes that allow for three mounting options.  The basic option is portable mounting.  It allows the bench to be moved around when necessary.  This is also the most convenient type of mount, provided the bench is in a secure area where theft is unlikely to occur. 


Because there is always a marginal risk of theft at best, surface mounting is more common method of mounting an outdoor bench.  This involves anchoring the bench to a concrete surface by drilling holes in the concrete and inserting anchors to hold the bench legs in place.  If the bench requires relocation, it can be unbolted and moved at will. 


If a bench must be mounted directly into the soil where there is no concrete, then in-ground mounting can be accomplished by welding leg extensions to the legs of the bench.  After lowering these extensions into holes in the ground, wet concrete is then used to seal the hole and permanently anchor the bench to that spot.


Standard-Angle-Iron-Wide-Players-Bench-Backless Outdoor backless benches are made tough so they will withstand rough weather and temperature extremes.  A thermoplastic powder coating covers the entire surface and prevents it from corroding and rusting.  This coating is applied by giving the bench and the powder coat opposing electrical charges.  This results in a powerful magnetic adhesion when the powder is sprayed onto the bench.


To strengthen the adhesion even further, the bench is then baked at high temperature.  This results in a thick coating that will not crack or peel.  If it is damaged by an impact, or even vandalized by miscreants, it can be quickly repaired by applying a heat gun to the damaged area. 


The coating also is manufactured with a UV component that resists fading.  It is also spray paint resistant, so vagabonds engaged in graffiti will soon become frustrated when they see their artwork easily wiped off with common cleaning materials.


Standard-Perforated-Players-Bench-Backless There are sixteen colors to choose from when purchasing outdoor backless benches.  There are also special metal benches made exclusively for use on athletic sidelines.  The standard, perforated players’ bench is manufactured from steel and cast iron legs.  It allows players to sit facing either side of the field while resting from the game. 


 The slatted metal player’s bench is waterproof thanks to a thermoplastic coating.  Multiple mounting options are available to help organizations customize their sidelines and dugouts.


U-Leg-Perforated-Bench-Backless Finally, the U-shaped diamond metal bench is the most comfortable of our outdoor backless benches made for sports.  It comes with pre-drilled holes and features a diamond pattern maximized for comfort, along with elevated, curved handles for hand rest support.


XPB Lockers carries a wide variety of steel metal lockers, commercial lavatories, USPS mailboxes, and stainless steel commercial restroomequipment installed nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Albuquerque NM, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA , Madison WI., Corpus Christi, TX, Plano, Texas, Garland, TX, Laredo, Texas, Lubbock, TX, Houston, TX

This article was published on Friday 03 December, 2010.

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