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Lockers and Storage Units

Shop our Online Catalog: Metal Lockers
Standard Metal Lockers-Metal Lockers- 1 Tier
Standard Metal Lockers-Metal Lockers- 1 Tier
Vented Metal Lockers-STD.
Vented Metal Lockers-STD.
Box Lockers-Metal-5 & 6 Tier
Box Lockers-Metal-5 & 6 Tier
Metal Lockers-2 Tier
Metal Lockers-2 Tier
Vented Metal Lockers-2 Tier
Vented Metal Lockers-2 Tier
Metal Lockers -3 Tier
Metal Lockers -3 Tier



Lockers and Storage Units

Two-Tier-Metal-LockersXPB Lockers solves spatial needs through a combination of locker and storage unit configurations that fit within the infrastructure and programming parameters intended for 21st Century businesses. With rising fuel costs and the state of the global economy the need to articulate better balanced corporate budgets is no longer the goal, but the requirement. The need for better and more optimal use of space that equates to profits is essential for companies to prosper. Our lockers and storage units are designed to address these issues. Companies facing eroding profits no longer target their old objectives, but look for new and more efficient economic ways to exist in today's aggressive business pace. While manufacturers continue to rise in other countries, the United States continues to lead the way in production and conforms to the stringent standards of doing business making it more affordable for commerce.


Standard Stock Lockers & Custom Design Lockers

Standard Metal Lockers-Metal Lockers- 1 Tier In the midst of uncertainty and with the cost of operations attached to stringent regulations, cutting out the middleman distributor and relying on knowledgeable programming procedures, the pressure from all sides subsides and offers balance within the ever changing world.Metal-Box-Lockers


Plastic and Metal Locker Systems

As a full service wholesaler, XPB Lockers offers an optimized selection of industrial and commercial lockers and storage units, from executive wood locker furniture to bright colored plastic security outdoor lockers including a vast range of retrofit building signage, used lockers, commercial shower and a complete range of commercial bathroom equipment, ADA compliant and offered to work with many budget plans. 


Heavy Duty Lockers

Military TA-50 LockerOur increased efficiency in production offers peace of mind with the broad spectrum lockers and storage units constructed of heavy duty metal and plastic materials designed to withstand industrial and commercial standards and save owners, operators and management time and money ensuing solid and effective storage results.


Storage Lockers

Investing in quality equipment designed to resist time, like our lockers and storage units, these tangible resources will begin to reduce overhead and operations expenses, and further provide for a more efficient level of organization and adjacencies planning circumventing future costly expansion.


Industrial Steel Metal Storage Lockers

From rural America to the international and corporate giants our company has supplied School Lockers, Gym Lockers, Spa Lockers, and Warehouse Lockers, within the private and commercial sectors, all relying on the integrity of XPB Locker’s product lines.


Fully Assembled or Installation OptionsVented-Box-Metal-Lockers

Equipment installation for our variety of product lines, including lockers and plastic storage units, and code compliance is foremost to both the private and commercial consumer. To retrofit or install in a home or commercial business, qualified professionals offer trained expertise to affect a project no matter how simple or a major the task. Pre-assembled products are also available in our product lines and installation within the continental U.S. can also be secured through XPB Lockers.


Box Lockers and Modular Lockers

Modular LockerAs you review our selection of industrial metal lockers and recycled and plastic storage units, keep in mind stackable storage lockers and niche products like the modular lockers can quickly convert unused and ineffective areas into efficient and productive use of space. Are you considering new technology to replace unsafe and outdated equipment, or updating equipment with new technology? We are strong advocates in protecting our planet and offer industry approved “green” recycled products when available. Complete your business plan by consulting a professional XPB Lockers Supply representative to complete your project with confidence and peace of mind.



Let XPB Locker’s help you! XPB Lockers carries a wide variety of commercial mailboxes, lockers, outdoor furniture, commercial lavatories, and commercial signage and bleachers systems with professional affiliates to help with installation where available. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will be pleased to help find it for you. Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Chicago IL, Denver Co, El Paso TX, Dallas TX, San Antonio TX, Austin TX, Houston, Texas, Boise ID, Atlanta, GA, Detroit MI, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA, Madison WI.

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Lighthouse for the Blind - Case Study
XPB Locker recently installed three bays of metal lockers in the Lighthouse for the Blind, located in San Antonio, Texas. The lockers were installed in the facility to provide workers with personal storage units. This installation was completed before the facility opened in anticipation of new ini...
Published: Thursday 19 June, 2014
Wardrobe Lockers
Wardrobe lockers are offered in a multitude of Materials to conform to configurations designed to fit into new and existing floor plans. These Wardrobe style lockers are most popular with institutions and companies such as Fire Stations, Police Stations, Health Spas, Warehouses, Hospitals and Locker...
Published: Friday 21 March, 2014
Sports Lockers for Organizing Athletic Equipment
True to our name, XPB Locker Supply carries a complete inventory of sports lockers for organizing athletic equipment. Several lines of metal lockers represent affordable, basic storage that can be installed in any type of facility. Open access lockers offer athletes plenty of room for uniform, equ...
Published: Saturday 24 November, 2012
How to Save Money on Metal Lockers
Lockers made out of metal are typically less expensive than those made from plastic. However, many organizations often find that the purchase of several units to be something of a strain on their budget. There are many ways to save money on metal lockers that appear obvious once pointed out, but t...
Published: Thursday 01 November, 2012
Health Club Personal Storage Lockers-FAQ
How well can health club personal storage lockers withstand heavy usage? All lines are designed to handle varying degrees of heavy usage. Our designer line is constructed from particleboard that is covered with heavy plastic laminate. Cubby lockers are assembled from solid plastic and have been...
Published: Wednesday 19 September, 2012
Military Cell Phone Lockers
Military cell phone lockers offer personal storage space to both military personnel and civilian staff who work on base. They feature a material build that consists of heavy duty metal that will withstand a wide range of climates and constant, repeated usage. In addition to providing a convenient ...
Published: Wednesday 05 September, 2012
Student Cell Phone Lockers for Schools
Student cell phone lockers for schools allow teachers to better manage their classrooms. Smart phones are now so common that students can quickly distract themselves with the Internet if they are allowed to use their phones during class. Cheating with text messages was prevalent even before the adv...
Published: Wednesday 22 August, 2012
Lockers with See through Windows
Some of the more unique commercial locker models we offer are those that allow an open view of their contents. In many industries, offices, recreational centers, and retail establishments, lockers with see through windows are typically preferred over other types. They allow managers to immediately...
Published: Tuesday 31 July, 2012
How Military TA 50 Storage Lockers Help Service Men and Women
Military TA 50 Storage Lockers offer real solutions to the storage challenges faced by our men and women in uniform. They feature the heavy-duty construction that armed forces personnel require for storing specialized gear, uniforms, and personal items. They also have more storage and organization...
Published: Tuesday 24 July, 2012
Where Can Bradley Lennox Lockers be Used?
Bradley Lenox lockers can be used in a variety of facility types. Their solid plastic design makes them durable, low-maintenance, and vandal resistant. Public athletic facilities, academic environments, and municipal service facilities have found them to offer a number of advantages over wooden an...
Published: Friday 13 July, 2012
Bulk Storage Wire Cage Lockers
Bulk storage wire cage lockers can be used to store equipment, inventory, personal valuables, and uniforms. XPB Locker Supply has a full selection of lockers in all sizes to fully accommodate the many unique storage needs of different industries. With the right choice in locker model, and the righ...
Published: Thursday 14 June, 2012
Coin Operated Lockers
Coin operated lockers have the dual benefit of restricting locker usage while simultaneously earning expense money for an organization. These lockers feature solid plastic construction that will not corrode, stands up to heavy usage, never requires repainting, and is highly vandal resistant. Organ...
Published: Monday 21 May, 2012
Wall Lockers
Many industrial facilities, office environments, retail establishments, and recreational centers prefer wall lockers. These small, box shaped storage compartments have a number of features that offer direct benefits to each of these facility types. Understanding how these units can be used is ever...
Published: Friday 18 May, 2012
School Student Lockers
Locker vendors furnish several different lines of student lockers for school. Some of these lines are very affordable and designed for basic student personal storage. Others are designed for use in athletic facilities. We offer many styles of student lockers at factory direct pricing.
Published: Thursday 03 May, 2012
Student Lockers for School Corridors
XPB Locker Supply furnishes several different lines of student lockers for school corridors. We offer a wide range of lockers and storage units at affordable prices.
Published: Friday 06 April, 2012
Cell Phone Storage for Business Employees
Cell phone storage for business employees helps organizations manage both their facilities and their employees. We offer cell phone lockers at factory direct prices.
Published: Tuesday 03 April, 2012
Employee Dressing Room Lockers
Employee dressing room lockers must be able to store both equipment and clothing. They must also be super resilient. This is because they are often installed in work areas where environmental conditions are far from ideal. Protective gear, special tools work boots, valuable, and clothing for dai...
Published: Monday 14 November, 2011
Security Lockers
Security lockers are used by police and military personnel to store gear, clothing, and belongings. These lockers feature adjustable shelving that can be set to any height. We offer discount pricing.
Published: Wednesday 03 August, 2011
Metal Open Access Children's Primary Junior Cubbies
Metal open access children's primary junior cubbies support the basics of the learning process and reinforce classroom discipline by teaching students the basics of organization and personal responsibility. These metal storage units are also manufactured in a manner that allows them to be customize...
Published: Monday 01 August, 2011
Double Door Military All Welded Gear Locker
The Army TA-50 style, double door military all welded gear locker is designed to accommodate the full spectrum of military storage requirements. These storage units are built to be secure in the most demanding of environments. So confident are the manufacturers of these lockers that they are sold ...
Published: Friday 29 July, 2011
Metal Open Access Children’s Backpack Cubbies
Metal open access children’s cubbies have a number of features, advantages, and benefits that make them ideal for classroom storage. They meet the needs of children of all ages, but they are of particular utility to primary and middle school students.
Published: Monday 25 July, 2011
Basketball Lockers
Wood basketball lockers offer basketball players a place to keep every piece of clothing and equipment. They have a greater storage volume than practically any competing type of locker. They also provide the player with a way to organize clothing and equipment in specific areas. Then the time to ...
Published: Monday 18 July, 2011
Cell Phone Lockers
As cell phones have become increasingly widespread and sophisticated, the importance of cell phone lockers has risen accordingly. Not only are the newer, Internet capable smart phones still a very hot item for thieves, but cell phone abuse poses a genuine threat to work ethic, education, and even s...
Published: Wednesday 29 June, 2011
NFL Lockers
The best NFL lockers are the new open access, wooden stadium lockers. These lockers feature a larger storage volume than competing locker types.
Published: Sunday 26 June, 2011
Cell Phone Storage Lockers
Cell phone storage lockers are used by many organizations to both protect cell phones from theft and to prevent cell phone users from abusing cell phones. People have become so dependent on these devices that they are constantly talking, surfing the web, emailing, and texting one another throughout...
Published: Tuesday 31 May, 2011
Football Lockers
Wooden open-access stadium football lockers are ideal for both academic and professional league teams. These lockers offer more storage volume than other types of lockers. Football players can store every piece of equipment in five specific storage areas. These areas give the player plenty of roo...
Published: Monday 23 May, 2011
Baseball Locker
Open-access, stadium-style wooden baseball lockers give players of all leagues plenty of room to store their equipment and uniforms. They offer more space than competing metal lockers and most wooden lockers. They rival practically every type of locker in the organizational options they give baseb...
Published: Thursday 19 May, 2011
Hockey Lockers
Open access stadium lockers made from treated wood make the best hockey lockers. They provide all the necessary space for the serious hockey player to store each piece of equipment where it can easily be found and retrieved. Uniform garments can be hung neatly without having to be folded and cramm...
Published: Monday 16 May, 2011
Soccer Lockers
Serious soccer players need soccer lockers that will allow them to organize their uniforms and equipment. Check our discount prices.
Published: Wednesday 11 May, 2011
Storage Lockers for Water Park Design
Plastic storage lockers are far more suitable for water park design than metal lockers.Come check our low prices.
Published: Saturday 16 April, 2011
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