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45 Gallon Galvanized Receptacle
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Industrial Lavatories and Sinks

Shop our Online Catalog: Commercial Bathroom Lavatory Sys
Express® Lavatory System - SS-3
Express® Lavatory System - SS-3
Express® Lavatory System - SS-2
Express® Lavatory System - SS-2
Express® Lavatory System - SS-1
Express® Lavatory System - SS-1
Express® Extension Shelf
Express® Extension Shelf
Tankless Water Heater I -  Express® Lavs
Tankless Water Heater I - Express® Lavs
Tankless Water Heater II -  Express® Lavs
Tankless Water Heater II - Express® Lavs


Industrial Lavatories and Sinks


XPB Locker Supply addresses the commercial and industrial plumbing supply industry with fixtures from stainless steel materials to the latest in ergonomically engineered products like industrial lavatories and sinks. From a simple stainless steel soap dispenser to five star rated state-of- the-art lavatory basin that features photovoltaic technology that turns light into energy emitting a measured spray of low


pressure water at the wave of a hand. With this kind of innovative technology, many companies find product conservation technology equates to much lower operations and utility costs allowing the focus of the investment on more affordable technology and a superior product. With many companies going "green", the concern for the planet coupled with the rising cost of doing business, niche technology products offer the opportunity for a better choice. Would you splurge on new technology if over the life of the product the cost of the natural resource savings outweighs the cost the product? In the midst of uncertainty and in our ever changing environment product decisions based on conservation results in rewarding our global economy as well as lowering operating costs.


Commercial Sink SystemsTerreon-Lavatory-Deck


Imagine affordable technology that takes the pressure off by improving space and reducing operating costs. With the United States leading the way in technology, the costs of operations is constantly being shattered by the commercial liability and fierce regulatory standards facing professional plumbers. Plumbing professionals will agree that the less labor intense the product fitting coupled with the hazards of installation, new plumbing products like our industrial lavatory and sink division offer far more value and longevity than antiquated plumbing systems and designs within the last 10 years. It is XPB Locker’s goal to close the gap that continues to bring long term values.


 Automatic Sink Systems


Terrazzo-Corner-FountGone are the days of getting by with facilities adequate for a residence.  Users demand easy access and functionality.  Ownership requires reliability and durability.  And the government mandates safety and access compliance.  So today’s public restroom, washing and cleaning facilities must do the job right, save time and money, and meet with all applicable regulations.  Simply put, industrial lavatories and sinks are a must in any public washroom.



Code Compliant Sink SystemsADA-Logo


Users, owners and regulators alike come away pleased by our products.  Convenience, safety and compliance issues present no problems by selecting the sinks that meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and TSA requirements. Everything from the sink height to ease of access makes a difference in having your business not only fully user friendly and compliant.



Industrial Sink Service Systems


Our product lines of industrial lavatories and sinks meet the stringent demands of today’s users while keeping your company in compliance.  Whether it’s everyday wash fountains, faucets, showers, and washroom accessories, or emergency equipment such as eye wash and drench facilities, we can meet any demand with a wide selection of styles, sizes and colors.  With a focus on niche technology our planning professionals traverse commercial industries from industrial lavatories and sinks to business storage needs we bring you an abundance of product choices offering many new and used product lines, such as our building signage which includes interior and exterior signs and our modern bench selection within our commercial outdoor furnishings division.


Stainless-Steel-Barrier-Free-LavatoryXPB Locker serves companies of all sizes while keeping the end user in mind. Many of our product materials such as paper towel dispensers are supplied in many major Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Doctor’s offices, Hospitals, Schools, Gymnasium and Spas throughout  he continental U.S. Project procurement managers call for  bids on master plan design project needs and work with our procurement officers worldwide.


Distributors, manufacturers, and retailers rely heavily on our ability to warehouse and distributeMulti-Station-Island-Wash-Sink based on their company’s requirements and timelines. Managed by our best administrators our manufacturers deliver inspected products directly your designated delivery site saving time and money.



Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL., Denver, CO., Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX. and Austin, TX, Detroit, MI, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Washington, DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville, AR, Norfolk, VA, Madison, WI.

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Division 10 Products are contemporary and stylish washroom accessories offered by the leader of commercial washroom innovation, Bradley Corporation. This line of accessories is broad enough to help any washroom and any budget. Applications range from elementary schools to universities, recreation c...
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LEEDS Building Materials
LEED was established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to achieve multiple goals by use of these standards. Often the phrase “environmentally sustainable construction” is used to refer to the standards and goals of LEED.
Published: Monday 27 July, 2009
Stainless Steel Toilet
Are you ready for a trendy Bathroom? Are you ready for an indestructible, gleamingStainless Steel Toilet like the ones in your state prisons? Your bathroom(s) can be the envy of your social and professional friends because they only have porcelain toilets. The designer stainless steel “look” ...
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Green Locker Room
The Green Locker Room includes many modern developments that provide an environmentally friendly, attractive and economical experience for the user. These modern developments have improved the environment and the lives of everyone and include Plastic Shower Partitions, Plastic Lockers, Plastic Benc...
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